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FramesOne day...Taking in the viewWiredMorning AmericaSigh...Oh Lord, where art thou?Broad StreetLevitationPoint it the other way!Scan-130702-0007.jpgScan-130702-0014.jpgScan-130702-0024.jpgLook! Tree!Scan-130328-0012.jpgScan-130328-0009.jpgScan-130328-0005.jpgScan-130328-0004.jpgScan-130308-0009-2.jpgScan-130308-0009.jpgScan-130308-0002.jpgScan-130307-0009.jpgScan-130307-0007.jpgScan-130307-0006.jpgScan-130307-0004.jpgScan-120924-0028.jpgScan-120924-0014.jpgScan-121030-0015.jpgPeekabooo pause!Polished and ready to roll!DecorationAn afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 3An afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 2An afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 1Look into my eyes...Scan-120513-0014.jpgScan-120314-0028.jpgScan-120314-0023.jpgScan-120314-0019.jpgScan-120315-0002.jpgAdventures with Pinholes pt2Adventures with Pinholes pt1Scan-120314-0049.jpgScan-120314-0048.jpgScan-120314-0033.jpgAlternate 52: Week 5 IndustryNatural architectureSnow sighs..Contrast!Radcliffe Camera in the SnowMy 52: Week 5: IndustryCheap lens? Sweet!My 52: Week 4: SecureMansfieldDo you think she signalled? What are we going to do Pinky?Nearer the river lies St. John's..Spiraling!January Home TimeYup, it's Oxford!A well-earned break!My 52: Week 2 Fear2012 52: Wk 1 DirectionOne does not approveBristol UniIn CelebrationSt. Mark's ChurchFruits of the VineThey don't build em like they used to..National Hunt commemorationsFirst!Barmouth BridgeTal-y-Llyn and Cadair IdrisAlone in the woods...Is anybody out there?Bourne Fairly on its wayFlying over the waterLllyn PerisNot so fun at 6amBack in the Diff!Brizzle Gorillas!Ruddy Mutt!The wild north :)SilhouettesBullers of BuchanDynamic rangeWeather beatenOnce were giantsOn a  missionCiaraAndyCheeky Monkey!Oh so pretty!Split da tone!IanContrasted PortraitMalverns and the sunYou'd think the sun shines...Young love :)A bright future ahead