About This Blog

Brian's Pics! Random pictures I've taken that I like or want to share...

My equipment

  • Pentax K7
  • Pentax DA 16-45mm
  • Pentax FA 50mm
  • Samsung 100mm Macro
  • Pentax A 28mm
  • Tamron SP 60-300mm
  • Sigma 600mm Reflex
  • Pentax 540 Flash

I use geosetter to tag my photos with location data and Adobe Lightroom to process them.

Copyright and use of my photos

All photographs on this website are released under the Creative Commons License.

This license gives you the right to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work (with the exeption of commercial purposes) provided I'm acknowledged (e.g. by placing my name (Brian Patton)). Additionally, please include a link to this site when possible. I would like to recieve the original or a reference to the publication.

Please read the full license before using these photographs. If you would like to use a photograph for commercial purposes please contact me. Contact information can be found on this page.

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